Idris Elba collaborates with Toronto's Connor Price in homage to Friends star Courteney Cox

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      Toronto hip-hop artist Connor Price seems surprised when one of the stars of Friends pops up the middle of his new video "Courteney Cox".

      Price had a childhood crush on the woman known as Monica Geller in the hit show. But when she shows up on-screen, she initially disses producer, singer, and actor Idris Elba, who also appears in the video.

      Elba collaborated with Price after the Toronto rapper responded to a challenge that Elba posted on Instagram while recovering from COVID-19.

      The catchy tune was released by Elba's London imprint, 7Wallace, along with Price's Toronto imprint, 4 of clubs, and baselineMUSIC.

      "I appreciate the homage, but turns out rapping's not that hard," Cox declares to Elba before she belts out four lines that leave Price feeling dumped.

      "You just got buried by Courteney Cox on your own song," Elba tells Price.

      Check out the video for "Courteney Cox".

      Cox's appearance comes more than 35 years after she burst to fame in a Bruce Springsteen video.

      Back in 1984, she emerged from the crowd near the end of "Dancing in the Dark".

      Check it out below.

      Enjoy Clarence Clemons' sax solo in Bruce Springsteen's "Dancing in the Dark".