Break out the Jack Daniel's and cue the hangover because it’s beginning to look a lot like Keithmas

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      Whoever said 13 is an unlucky number has obviously never been to Keithmas. 

      The annual Christmas party is back for its 13th annual year, bringing with it 10 Vancouver bands, an unfathomable amount of Jack Daniels, and one big ol’ cheque for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, where 100% of the night’s proceeds will be heading. 

      Here’s this year’s lineup: 

      • Rich Hope
      • Barney Bentall
      • La Chinga
      • Just a Season
      • Spank Williams
      • Chance Lovett
      • Rempel & the Rousers
      • Bend Sinister
      • Vicious Cycles
      • The Ramores

      Named after Rolling Stones frontman Keith Richards, Keithmas will see these bands “rocking out to Rolling Stones raunch and roll,” according to a press release from organizers.

      It’s both a celebration of the holiday season and of Richards’ birthday (which falls on December 18, one day after this year’s party), and according to event cofounder John Hewer when we spoke to him in 2019, it hadn’t originally even been named Keithmas. 

      “If you go back and dig far enough around, the event was not Keithmas in the beginning. In its initial inception, it was ‘Let’s celebrate Keith Richards’ birthday. And Christmas.’ But by the time the event happened, it was being called Keithmas,” he said. 

      “I’ll take credit for driving the Keithmas bus—I kept calling the night Keithmas and it just stuck. It was Christmastime, and we wanted a musical hook. We thought, ‘Who are some of our favourite artists?’ and then we checked their birthdays. The first year we had it on Keith’s actual birthday, and ever since then it’s hovered around that time.”

      The night will include a wide range of raffle prizes from local bars, retailers, and restaurants, with the draws happening live at the event. 

      Those hoping to truly let it rock will be doing so at the Rickshaw Theatre come Saturday, December 17, though they’ll need to snag a ticket first — and those things are going fast. 

      The $30 tickets to this foodbank fundrager can be found and purchased here… for now. 

      Merry Keithmas to all, and to all a good night.