Jazz Fest

Waxwing keeps it delicate

In another world—not necessarily a better one, but definitely different than our own—jazz would be an introvert’s music.

Chilliwack helped shape Bria Skonberg’s hot jazz

Hot jazz, the style popularized by Louis Armstrong and his peers in the 1920s, has been out of favour for a long, long time. Yet its combination of infectious high spirits and bluesy eloquence refuses to die.

Eli Bennett keeps his jazz audience-friendly

For 55 years, or more than twice as long as Eli Bennett has been on this planet, playing John Coltrane’s “Giant Steps” has been the make-or-break test for aspiring jazz saxophonists.


Craft a Dream

In my dreams I craft a world where you are tortured all day every day. You are left. Alone. With...


Ms J at Korpiklaani

We were at Korpiklaani, right at the front before the stage. By the end I had my arms around you,...