Jethro Tull's Martin Barre brings Aqualung to Surrey

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      Although I have no documented proof that I’m related to either Beavis or Butthead, I do harbour a couple of hazy teenage memories that keep me pondering that possibility. The one that has me most worried goes back to Chilliwack Senior Secondary School, circa 1974.

      During one so-called study break I snuck into the library to play a scratchy, school-owned copy of Jethro Tull’s Aqualung on one of those crappy portable stereos with the clunky tonearms. With the cheapo headphones snugly in place and the volume cranked, I accidentally sent the needle skidding across the vinyl, where it screeched loudly before finding the groove near the beginning of the title track.

      In my rush to be rockin’ out on school time I’d forgotten to plug the headphone jack into the stereo, though, and before I realized it Ian Anderson’s booming voice rang out loud and clear, shocking the studious types nearby with the choice line “Snot running down his nose!”

      That red-faced ordeal notwithstanding, Aqualung remains my fave Tull record. Anyone else who harbours a love of that album might want to scoop up a ticket to see Martin Barre at Surrey's Bell Performing Arts Centre on July 25.

      Barre was the guitarist for Jethro Tull from 1968 to 2011, and he played on all the band's classic albums, including Aqualung. He'll be bringing his own band--composed of lead vocalist Dan Crisp, keyboardist Alan Thomson, and drummer Darby Todd--and they'll be performing Aqualung from beginning to end. As an added bonus, he'll also have longtime Jethro Tull band member Clive Bunker sitting in on drums and percussion.

      You can learn more about the show, and find tickets, here.

      (Barre also performs July 22 at the Tidemark Theatre in Campbell River, July 24 at the Port Theatre in Nanaimo, and July 26 at the Vernon Performing Arts Centre.)