Larkin Poe perform gorgeous version of one of the greatest rock tunes of all time

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      There's nothing that lights up my day more than coming across a little three- or four-minute ditty by the Lovell sisters, also known as Larkin Poe.

      Those Georgia-raised, Nashville-based ladies are just bursting with talent, sisterly love, and bluesy soul, and lucky for us they enjoy performing short cover versions of their fave songs.

      I especially like the ones where Rebecca Lovell plays acoustic guitar and sings lead while her two-years-older sister Megan accompanies her on harmony vocals and lap steel or dobro.

      Just today I came across this clip they posted on the weekend of them playing Derek and the Dominos' "Layla". Now that's a song.

      If you enjoyed that one, check out Larkin Poe's awesome versions of tunes by Pink Floyd ("Wish You Were Here"), Heart ("These Dreams"), and Kansas ("Carry On My Wayward Son").

      Who else really wants to see those two in concert when the pandemic finally fucks off?