Led Zeppelin pinball game could be your next mancave addition if you've got US$6200 lyin' around

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      So you're still upset because you didn't get that copy of the new, super-deluxe Thin Lizzy box set you wanted so badly for Christmas? 

      Well, maybe a shiny new Led Zeppelin pinball machine would help ease the pain.

      Classic-rock freaks with money to blow should be aware that Stern Pinball, Inc. has a new line of pinball products available in Pro (US$6,199), Premium (US$7,799), and Limited Edition (US$9,199) models.

      “There is nothing more energizing and fun than bringing pinball and music together,” says Stern Pinball CEO Gary Stern on the company's YouTube channel. “Partnering with Led Zeppelin, we created a one-of-a-kind pinball experience. It’s our dream goal to create a pinball machine with this iconic rock band.”

      According to Stern's promotional bumph, "players are transported back to Led Zeppelin’s early days and tour the world from 1968-1980. As if players were members of the band playing its music, their play updates game features at the start of each verse and chorus of ten iconic Led Zeppelin songs."

      The Zep tunes features in the game include "Good Times Bad Times", "Whole Lotta Love", "The Song Remains the Same", "Rock and Roll", "Trampled Under Foot", "Ramble On", "Kashmir", "Immigrant Song", "Black Dog", and "Communication Breakdown".

      (For my mancave, I'd actually prefer a Thin Lizzy pinball machine that blasts out "The Boys Are Back in Town" and nine other choice Lizzy tunes, but that's just me.)