Let's blame COVID-19 for today's announcement that Brockhampton is breaking up until further notice

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      One of the few great things about COVID-19 is the way that it can be blamed for pretty much everything. That includes, but is hardly limited to, the fact that you haven’t been on a real vacation since Donald Trump was recommending you inject disinfectants to rid yourself of what he moronically referred to as the “kung flu”. And that you’ve been so shit scared of getting infected for the past couple of years you’ve made it a policy to avoid movie theatres, concert halls, restaurants, swimming pools, Turkish bath houses, Roman orgies, and all family gatherings. The last one being more of a blessing than a curse.

      Now, let’s blame COVID-19 for the dissolution of one-time hip-hop juggernaut Brockhampton. The Los Angeles-via-Texas collective took to Instagram today to announce that it’s breaking up. Or, to put things in more ambiguous terms, “going on hiatus”.

      The post reads: “We will be taking an indefinite hiatus as a group. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being on this journey with us. We would not be here without our fans. We hope we’ve been able to inspire you as much as you have us these past eight years.”

      Exiting on a positive note, the group continued with, “We are bonded and grateful to you for life.”

      It’s not all bad news for fans as they’ll have four dates left to catch Brockhampton, with two upcoming shows at the 02 Academy Brixton in London, and two performances at Coachella this spring. Assuming, of course, COVID-19 and the spreading-like-wildfire Omnicron variants don’t torpedo those events. All other previously scheduled tour dates for the band have been canceled with refunds available at point of purchase.

      For this one might blame COVID-19, which has been responsible for the cancellation of, well, everything over the past couple of years.

      Brockhampton had originally planned to hit the road in 2020 in support of its 2019 album Ginger. That tour was nuked in the first wave of COVID-19 shutdowns across the globe. A string of tour dates were then moved to the spring of 2021, only to be canceled again in December.

      Brockhampton was supposed to kick off 2022 with a January 14 show in Norway. But, evidently, the group’s members got tired of sitting around waiting to tour again, to the point where they decided enough was enough and did something rash. Aka calling it a day. On that front, it's good to know you're not the only who's had enough to the point where burning everything down to the ground and starting fresh feels great. Sometimes nothing feels better than blowing shit up. 

      Or maybe it was nothing that dramatic. Sometimes absence doesn't make the heart grow fonder. In which case not having to deal with each other's eating, sleeping, and personal hygiene habits started to seem far more appealing that having to load into a tour bus again. 

      Finally, in case you haven't been paying attention, COVID-19 is still a thing. Which explains why you haven’t left the house this year except to stock up on toilet paper, yeast, and frozen pizza. Goodbye Brockhampton. See you in December for the reunion tour.