Linkin Park at Rogers Arena

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      It’s funny how some bands get tarred and feathered and run out of town, and others not only survive, but end up approaching iconic status. Take, for example, Linkin Park. Back in the day, which is to say in the late ’90s, the California-spawned unit was lumped into the rap-rock genre, making it a contemporary of steroid-rage acts like Korn and, worse, Limp Bizkit. Smartly, though, Linkin Park made an early attempt to branch out, collaborating with the likes of Jay-Z and drawing techno elements into its radio-friendly mix. Christ, how that’s paid off today. The members of Limp Bizkit couldn’t get arrested for pulling their puds at the local daycare centre, while Linkin Park is still headlining hockey rinks, including Rogers Arena on Tuesday (September 4), with Incubus. Somewhere, Fred Durst is wishing he’d done it for more than the nookie.