Lions in the Street's new EP slated for release

Not enough Lions in the Street of late? We can help with that. After dealing with a series of label and personal issues, LITS is readying a new EP slated for release internationally by the L.A.–based Beverly Martel Records.

Ironically, the band hooked up with Beverly Martel thanks to its relationship with TVT Records, a deal that soured when TVT filed for bankruptcy in 2007 and LITS found itself in a multiyear legal dispute. Beverly Martel label owner Sandy Robertson managed the Lions’ TVT producer, Dave Cobb. “Actually, I originally knew Sandy through working with Jack Endino, back in 2000,” vocalist-guitarist Chris Kinnon told the Straight. “We just got back in contact and he indicated that he wanted to put some music out if it was an option, and after TVT’s bankruptcy, it was.”

The band has been “chipping away” at its new songs, described by Kinnon as “heavier and a bit more modern than our previous work”, for the last year. The On the Lam EP is set for release on February 19.