Loved ones asking Vancouverites to be on lookout for missing gear that belonged to the late Ziggy Sigmund

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      Those who were close to late Vancouver musician Ziggy Sigmund are asking for help locating guitars, amps, and other gear missing since his passing.

      An integral member of iconic Vancouver acts like Slow, the Scramblers, and Econoline Crush, Sigmund’s death was reported by friends and family on Facebook on March 8. No cause of death was given, but the guitarist had been suffering health problems related to a prior car crash in Los Angeles.

      Now his loved ones are trying to piece together what happened to some of the Vancouver punk legend’s most prized personal belongings. In a Facebook post yesterday, Sigmund’s former wife Jenn Muncaster said it’s believed that his gear might have been stolen sometime between February 12 and the end of that month. Sigmund, who had been living part-time in Creston, was in Vancouver, with his gear believed to have been in an RV that was later found broken into and trashed."

      “We believe his gear was stolen from his RV after he passed away,” Muncaster tells the Straight. “He wasn’t planning on staying long in Van and had no need of selling his gear—and we know he wouldn’t part with them.”

      While she states that some of the gear might have been given to friends of Sigmund, the list of missing equipment includes the following:

      • Fender Telecaster Thinline (red, and quite worn looking, lots of scuffs) Serial #557620
      • Gibson Les Paul Jr. custom (Natural) #397586 (1959)
      • Gibson SG #93068375
      • Yamaha CPX-10 #81001905
      • Acoustic Gibson limited edition J200 (natural) that Zigmund bought in early 2020 (no serial number).
      • Bass Guitar Schecter Elite 4 #0714426
      • Amps: Wizard Modern Classic, serial # wm526; Fender Concert Vintage, serial # 02772
      • Tremolo with a large, black power supply, space echo, wah pedal, and various other pedals.

      In her Facebook post, Muncaster states: “If you have seen any of his gear in the last two months or have heard anything about their whereabouts or have any information regarding any of the above that may help, please contact me through messenger. The VPD have not been helpful in searching so we are hoping that the community may be able to help us locate or bring a few of these items home.”

      Muncaster, who remained close to Sigmund after their five-year 2012 marriage, tells the Straight that the primary reason for wanting to find the gear is that they were so important to the Vancouver legend.

      “He was one with his guitars and his music,” she reflects. “To have watched him play was something hypnotic and magical whether he was on the stage, sitting at home, or with friends. It’s frustrating and devastating to imagine someone walking away with something so precious to someone, under those conditions. We have no answers to why or how no one saw or reported anything. When his RV was found it was trashed and nothing of value was left inside.

      “It’s not about the material items,” Muncaster continues. “It’s about the memories. The smile on his face and the visible energy that you could see run through him when he played. Ziggy always had one of his guitars close at hand—it was a large part of how he communicated and connected to the world and he held on to some of those guitars for most of his life. You can look at photos of him right back to the ‘80s and see one of those guitars in hand. If we can’t recover them then we can’t, but we wanted to try.”

      Anyone with information is encouraged to reach out to Muncaster on her Facebook page.