"Mask It or Casket": an SFH punk anthem for the COVID-19 era, when even B.C. Ferries passengers face abuse

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      It's been a loony weekend in British Columbia.

      Yesterday morning, about a dozen anti-mask activists were banned from travelling on B.C. Ferries for the day.

      This came after they reportedly berated fellow passengers, who were wearing face coverings to remain healthy.

      Of course, B.C. Ferries requires all passengers to don masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but that didn't matter to these lunatics.

      The activists were likely headed to an anti-mask "Freedom Mega Rally" in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery. Round two of the protest will take place today.

      Yes, Trumpism is alive and well in our province.

      Perhaps this makes the latest release from Ontario punk band SFH so timely. Entitled "Mask It or Casket", it was written by lawyer Warren Kinsella, who ran for the federal Liberals in North Vancouver back in 1997.

      The imagery in the video will certain catch your attention, even if you're not a fan of this musical genre. And check out the appearance by Donald Trump.

      Video: "Mask It or Casket", by SFH.