Music BC’s Let’s Hear It amplifies emerging artists and celebrates the creative hub that is Mount Pleasant

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      Showcases like Let’s Hear It are important for facilitating local musical discovery, Kentya Kurban, Community Engagement Coordinator at Music BC, tells the Straight

      The event brings nearly 20 artists from across the province to stages at four different venues in Vancouver, including the Fox Cabaret, Anza Club, Cobalt, and La Fabrique St. George, on March 18. The lineup features both established and emerging acts in a variety of musical styles from hip hop to indie rock. This year, some of the many highlights include Ché Aimee Dorval, Kimmortal, NADUH, Kaleah Lee, Kylie V, and IAMTHELIVING.

      “We wanted different genres at the same venue, so we have a range of diverse artists playing together,” Kurban says.

      Music BC—the not-for-profit organization that supports the local music industry, and the creatives and professionals working within it—has been presenting Let’s Hear It since 2018, when it adopted the brand name from the Juno Host Committee program to make it its marquee concert series. Previously, Let’s Hear It featured events spread throughout the year. For the showcase’s fifth iteration, Music BC decided to host all the live sets in one day and specifically after the rush of the holidays and New Year, when music festivals aren’t a typical occurrence in Vancouver. 

      “We might have something else at the end of the year,” Kurban notes, “but moving forward, we're wanting to make sure there's stuff happening also in the winter. It’s indoors and, that way, we can dedicate this and people can look forward to something during the wintertime.” 

      Another important component of Let’s Hear It is that it's affordable, she adds. It costs just $15 for a wristband, which gets entry into all of the venues, the majority of which are within walking distance in Mount Pleasant. The close proximity allows attendees to move between sets, supporting the artists they love and coming across new ones they might not know, Kurban says. 

      “Mount Pleasant is really the heartbeat of Vancouver in a lot of ways, for arts and culture programming. So, it was important for us to not keep everything downtown and support Mount Pleasant for what it is, and have this showcase in this area. We're excited to also do this for the future, as well, just because there's even other venues we just get to tap into.” 

      Each venue will also offer different experiences. Sets at the Fox and Anza will feature backing bands, while the Cobalt will have DJs and all performances at La Fabrique will be acoustic. 

      “This is an environment for audience engagement, as well, and the space is so beautiful,” Kurban says about La Fabrique, which is an urban natural winery outfitted with cozy and rustic decor. “If you're the type of audience member who prefers more intimate sets, the space will be for you on that day.”

      Let’s Hear It takes place at the Fox Cabaret, Anza Club, La Fabrique St. George, and the Cobalt on March 18. Tickets are available online.