Musical moments of 2012: Best quotes of the year

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      “There are always so many people telling you, ‘Do this, do that,’ and we’ve even had people like Gene Simmons try it. We’ve had guys from the label in the States say, ‘You know what’s hot right now? Rapping. Ash should rap!’ And it would be a lie to say we didn’t consider it for at least a second.”
      –Dave Vertesi of Hey Ocean!

      “I’m really a positive person, but I’m drawn to darkness. I guess I can admit that, but I also really, really love life. So I guess where Kurt Cobain and I differ is that although I am drawn to darkness, I am in no hurry to die. I’m in a hurry to live.”
      Perry Farrell

      “The most important people that I like to play music for are children. If they don’t like it, they’re not going to lie. You can play anything that you’re thinking about releasing as a single for a group of children, and whichever one that they like, that’s going to be the hit.”
      Jack White

      “It’s like the old Andy Warhol idea that everyone will be famous for 15 minutes, and I realize that it’s not 15 minutes, but that everyone will be famous to 15 people. It’s harder to achieve megastardom in today’s world.” 
      Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist of the Hives

      “Go listen to fuckin’ Lars What’s-his-nuts from Metallica.… He’s a terrible drummer. It’s just like pots and pans crashing together. It does what it’s supposed to do for Metallica, but to me it’s not drumming. It’s not drumming like I think of drumming.”
      Matt Camirand of the Highway Kind

      “We’re the opposite of Pearl Jam. We don’t really talk to the audience. You know, we do our thing. Everything is based on time code. You have to know where you are. You can’t step, like, two feet away, because all of a sudden some flames are blowing out of your ass.” 
      Richard Z. Kruspe of Rammstein