My Favourite Thing

My Favourite Thing: Dru

My Favourite Thing is a video feature where the Georgia Straight gets interesting folks to list off, among other things, the

My Favourite Thing

Video features of interesting folks from around town to list off, among other things, their favourite performers, rituals, live gigs, and singers. And, of course, their favourite thing.

My Favourite Thing: Mu

The Vancouver-based duo create synthpop loaded with harmonious vocals, dreamy synthesizers, and lyrics that often draw on existential crises.

My Favourite Thing: Eye of Newt's Stefan Smulovitz

Stefan Smulovitz is an award-winning composer and a highly accomplished musician, known for his skills with the viola and laptop. He's also the brain behind Eye of Newt, an avant-garde ensemble that will be part of the 2016 PuSh Performing Arts Festival.



It's amazing how LandlordBC justifies the 4.5% rent increase next year. Did any of you read...


Lufthansa MUC-YVR on Sept 16, 2018:...

You, Asian perhaps late 30s and dark half-length hair, offered to switch seats with me on the...