Nickelback's Chad Kroeger makes a case that, although you can't pronounce his name, he's still one of the good ones

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      Making up for the famously miserable, endlessly cranky, and generally difficult likes of Van Morrison, Shelby Lynne, and Lou Reed, there are those in the music business whose reputation proceeds them.

      Some more-famous-than-most musicians are not only fundamentally decent people, but also genuinely nice—nothing short of a goddamn miracle considering part of the job involves answering endless interview questions like “What’s your sound?”, “Do you have any funny tour stories?”, and “How did you get your name?”

      Take a bow Dan Mangan, Dave Grohl, Wayne Coyne, and Annie Clark, because there’s a good case to be made that we don’t deserve you or your graciousness.

      To this list we can today add Chad Kroeger, who is evidently so nice that he’s spent almost all of his time as a platinum-shifting rock star not giving a shit that almost no one pronounces his last name correctly.

      The frontman for the Vancouver-spawned Nickelback told Loudwire’s Toni Gonzalez this week that interviewers, fans, and the occasional hater always refer to him as Chad Kroh-ger (or, the Fred Meyer fans among us, Chad Kroger). The emphasis there being on the “O”.

      In fact, the singer and guitarist’s last name is pronounced the same way as one of America’s most prolific serial killers and amateur comedians, Freddy Krueger.

      Given that he and his bandmates have served as all-purpose whipping boys for practically their entire career, Kroeger could be excused for acting like a flaming dink every time someone gets his name wrong.

      Instead, as he told Loudwire: “If I just stop and go, ‘Actually, it’s Kroeger,’ I’m gonna look like such a dick. So I’m just like whatever, I don’t care.”

      Others have, he acknowledged, done their best to set things straight, include Alice in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell. Recalling a radio station interview they did together in 2004, Kroeger said he was introduced as Chad Kroh-ger, at which point Cantrell leapt into action with a correction.

      “ ‘I sort of looked over at Jerry, and he goes, ‘It’s your name, dude. That is your last name. Tell that dude across there how to say it properly so that he stops saying it wrong into that microphone and misinforming people. That is your last name, brother,’ ” Kroeger related. “And I was like, ‘Wow you really care about this shit!’ ”

      After getting that business out of the way, Kroeger went on to discuss having almost no rules while growing up, playing a gig on 9/11, the genius of Sevendust as a live band, and more. He spoke with Gonzalez to help promote Nickelback's 10th album, the newly release Get Rollin'.

      Watch below. And remember, it’s Krueger, even though it looks like it would be pronounced Kroh-ger. Not that anyone is going to remember that this next week.