Odds guitarist Murray Atkinson goes all Satriani on your ass in new video for #Grinding

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      If you've ever seen Murray Atkinson play guitar on the catchy, melodic pop songs of the Odds, you may be surprised to know that that dude can shred like a regular Joe Satriani when he wants to.

      “I grew up with rock music," says Atkinson in a press release for his new instrumental EP, Mubla Tubed, "and it was always the sound of the electric guitar coupled with some hard-driving drums that got me excited about music. While I’ve spent a lot of time in bands with lead singers doing the usual lead melody duties, I have always written instrumental music and felt it was time to release some of it."

      Atkinson shows off some of his wild chops on the Mubla Tubed track "#Grinding", which depicts him tearing up the frets in a field somewhere: 

      The guitarist describes some of the technical aspects of "#Grinding" on his website.

      "The main riff of this song kind of happened by accident," writes Atkinson. "I had my guitar plugged into a whammy pedal set an octave up and it gave the guitar this glitchy, scratchy, tweaked-out kind of distorted sound and I randomly played the main riff and thought it was kind of cool, so I recorded it and ended up creating a song out of a bunch of different riffs that kind of all naturally popped up one by one.

      "It’s funny, the final version of this song isn’t much different than the original demo from the first session when I wrote it. During the production of this song I purposely cut some bars short and made the transitions between sections happen a little faster, but the overall structure of the song didn’t change from that initial first writing session.

      "I love it when that happens, I love capturing an entire two or three-minute composition naturally in an organic sequence, it always ends up feeling like the song evolves how it should when it’s captured correctly the first time. Sometimes one riff speaks to you and demands a specific thing to happen afterwards, and being able to capture that inspiration when it happens is always a magical experience."

      Interested parties can hear more of Mubla Tubed here.