On Our Radar: Amazing Grave makes an unrelentingly evil debut with the file-under-terrifying "Dog Chained to Dog"

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      Even if you don’t know the name Amazing Grave, the names of its two members are familiar ones—and not just to those who clean up in the Canadian Indie Rock Royalty category during Jeopardy!

      Eric Breitenbach is the man behind the kit for long-running alt-pop faves Limblifter, featuring sometimes Mountie and all-round nice guy Ryan Dahle. When not eagerly receiving semi-awkward hugs from random acquaintances, Kevin Maher splits his time between the ever-enduring Fake Shark and writing with the likes of Carly Rae Jepsen and Kat Von D.

      Both have spend the past few years collaborating as Amazing Grave—you might remember an early 2018 YouTube video title “Amazing Grave” which combined paint-stripping screamo with metallic-march industrial.


      The duo makes its official debut with the new “Dog Chained to Dog”, which you can find under “Terrifying” at your local bricks and mortar record store. Or, you know, online. 

      On the vocal side of things here, think Pazuzu doing Drano shots with Abyzou in outer Malebolge while Carpathian Forest’s Journey Through the Cold Moors of Svarttjern melts down the dive-bar jukebox. Or Otep possessed by the Kandarian Demon of Evil Dead. That's fleshed out by rolling witching-season synths and Berlin death-thump percussion.

      That not painting enough of a picture for you?

      Maher and Breitenbach describe Amazing Grave as “heavy in groove, beats, screams and sarcasm. Imagine dark-humour comedian Anthony Jeselnik fronting Death Grips.”

      Still not enough?

      Maher offers this: “The band sounds like: Ho9909, Death Grips, Royal Blood and Tyler, the Creator.”

      You've been warned.