On Our Radar: ANARCHEON gives the world reason to be afraid of the shadows with "Transyldrainia"”

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      Starting with the very name “Transyldrainia”, ANARCHEON leaves us with plenty to think about in a five-and-a-half-minute video ode to open bloodlust, liquid dinner parties, and the merciless harvesting of random strangers.

      With the caveat that things are not always what they seem, here are some things that we might extrapolate:

      • Based on the opening exterior shots, the Vancouver-based members of ANARCHEON either count a lottery winner among their ranks, or have a wildy successful friend in banking, professional sports, or what your grandparents used to describe as blue movies. Some Canadian–gothic houses are not only bigger than others, but also better landscaped.
      • Also, some vampires are lazier than others. Seriously, does anyone think Nosferatu, Lestat de Lioncourt, or Kurt “Salem’s Lot” Barlow sat around the dinner table trying to suck the last drops out of an empty blood flask? No, they hit the streets and then committed themselves to ripping out the throats of anything that moved—two legs preferred, but not totally necessary. The fantastically toothsome vampires in “Transyldrainia”, meanwhile, seem to prefer a world where their food is delivered to them.
      • Taking selfies can be dangerous. In 2021 there were 24 deaths reported around the world, with tragedies occurring in Hungary, Italy, India, and Hong Kong. None, to the best of our knowledge, took place while someone was trying to get that perfect shot in a graffitti-adorned downtown Vancouver alley only to be attacked by a vampire looking for a quick takeout meal.
      • The same, only different, but with the same results, goes for busking.
      • Billing itself as Canadian groove metal that will appeal to fans of Unearth, Jinger, In Flames, Carcass, and the mighty Sepultura, ANARCHEON is kind of scarily badass. Think serrated razor-burn riffage, rolling-doom bass, and an endless barrage of motion-blur drumming. Add to this Drano-scorched vocals that suggest Kaija Krimsonis could more than hold her own against mythical demons that include Astaroth, Black Annis, Naamah, Onoskelis, and—most terrifying of all—Melania Trump.
      • ANARCHEON appreciates a good story, this reflected in the band’s current EP Scary Tale. Here’s a leaping-off point from the band: “Delivering a creepy but groovy vibe, the EP takes you through a vampiric journey into the dark side of ANARCHEON. The new recording takes you through a transition of a woman to a blood-thirsty beast. She longs for her blood-thirsty lady lover only to realize once she is turned she is someone she never imagined she could be. The EP has been in the works for a while and it’s lyrically very different from what they have released in the past but keeps that groovy instrumental element they have honed. These new songs are all horror-based and blood lustful, but with a twist of metaphorical magic.”

      Need something else to think about? How about this: if blood is by nature salty, what do vampires drink after three goblets piping hot plasma? And if the answer is indeed Old Milwaukee, do they open the cans with the pull tabs or just punch holes in them with their teeth. So much to ponder...

      Check out ANARCHEON's Scary Tale here