On Our Radar: Bad Pop shows Vancouver there's nothing wrong with flying a freak flag high with "Ostrich" video

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      Imagine how great this city would be if people would only pull the sticks out of their asses and let their freak flags fly. By that, we’re not talking walking topless on Commercial Drive, skulking around the Downtown Eastside in a lizard costume (you know who you are), or freely admitting that you don’t just like Nickelback, but totally fucking love them, which explains why you have “How You Remind Me” tattooed on your face, knuckles, left ass cheek, and right testicle.

      Just imagine how great Vancouver would be if there was nothing weird about watching some random dude strut around Stanley Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, the downtown core, and your local skate park in a full-body ostrich costume. At least that’s what we assume Bad Pop’s Chris Connelly is wearing in the video for “Ostrich”. Truth be told it kind of looks like it could also be a Canada goose costume, which would be scary. Because as famously assholish as ostriches are, Canadian geese are even bigger dicks.

      Argue against that all you want, but not before you’ve watched this.

      Anyhow, to avoid getting into semantics, let’s go with the ostrich angle rather than the goose one.

      What’s interesting in Bad Pop’s “Ostrich” is that there’s mostly no one else around despite Connelly hitting some of the most-touristed spots in the city. There’s a likely explanation for that: when someone walks towards you doing the electric boogaloo dressed like he just escaped from "The Goose Chase" episode of Clarence, you avoid eye contact (assuming that crossing the street, running the other way, or yelling for your mother isn’t an option). Or at least you do in Vancouver; in New Orleans, wearing an ostrich costume out in public just makes you part of the brilliant circus.

      Too bad, because Connelly’s get-up in “Ostrich” is almost as great as the song, which suggests a chilled-out Rage Against the Machine spinning midnight-in-the-mortuary techno with straight-outta-Madchester vocals. Or, if you prefer, it's every bit as great sonically as a guy in an ostrich suit making Vancouverites wonder why exactly freak-flag flyers freak them out so much.