On Our Radar: Bend Sinister’s “Price You Pay” is indeed the best thing this side of the mysterious “Black Rose”

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      Criminally, Bend Sinister’s official video for “Price You Pay” has only amassed a little over 300 views since it was released a month ago. But those that have seen it don’t just like it—they totally fucking love it.

      Start with this YouTube love letter from @MoonyOrMe: “Most underrated band of all time. The effort put into their songs is insane and their musical abilities are unmatched. Love all of your work and especially Shannon, Heard It All Before, and now Price You Pay! Keep up the amazing work you guys can’t wait for more of y’all! :).”

      Or this from @SlushTheHusky: “Great video! I met you in Revelstoke and I think I saw you in Galiano.. I wish I felt better inside to muster up more courage to talk to you..! I bought a shirt though :D Coolest shirt ever.”

      And this from @Thomas-mc1jw: “This is wonderful! i’ve just discovered u guys. this sounds something that would be on Cher’s Black Rose album (a huge compliment). i will spend the day listening to much more of ur songs. :)))).”

      Who gives a shit if @Thomas-mc1jw is both 100 per cent correct, and a little off base there. (Black Rose isn’t Cher’s album; it is a super fantastic post-’70s one-off oddity that finds Cher fronting a boogie-rock bar band of the same name. But at least @Thomas-mc1jw knows the record, and you probably don’t.)

      Bend Sinister indeed has no shortage of retro-rock swagger on “Price You Pay”, the song throwing back to the days when CFUN and CKLG were in a two-way battle for the greatest pure-pop radio station in Vancouver. Which raises a perfectly valid question: why, despite consistently punching way above its weight class since 2001, does the band continue to be one of Vancouver’s best-kept secrets?

      Don’t bothering trying to answer that. Sometimes the world is anything but fair. Instead, sit back and crank “Price You Pay”, which sounds like the kind of song that you want sitting in pole position on your next road trip mixtape.

      And if you’re watching the video, a quick word of advice as per the clip below: get your phone. Because, as much as we’re happy to present it below for the laptop jockeys amongst us, Bend Sinister clearly understands how 99 percent of folks on the planet consume, well, everything.