On Our Radar: Focus Your Audio aims for an all-important way forward with the beautiful video for "Over There"

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      Someone wise and clever once wrote something incredibly insightful about travelling. It went something like this:

      A) The myth about travelling with someone you love is that you’ll spend long walks on the beach hand-in-hand, stare into each other's eyes romantically during happy hour, and do it everywhere from the bed to the rented car to the swinging hammock.

      B) The reality is that no two people were meant to be together 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

      And sweet baby Buddha knows that’s true during 2020, when odds are pretty good that you and the person you wish would stop wearing their goddam fucking shoes around the house are both working from home. The dishwasher still isn’t emptying itself, your three-and-a-half month Sexican stand-off is probably indicative of a bigger problem, and each night bring a fresh scrap over whether you’ll be watching Silent Night, Deadly Night or Hallmark’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. (Pro tip—while totally awful and completely wrong on multiple levels, Silent Night, Deadly Night is also unintentionally hilarious and crap-tastically brilliant.)

      If all the above sounds familiar, then Focus You Audio can probably relate. The duo of Sarah McArthur and Bobby McAlone describes their new single “Over There” as follows:

      “'Over There' is a song about a disagreement—a truthful peek into the lives of the couple who make music together. A vulnerable, honest, call out to a partner, Focus Your Audio both lyrically and sonically takes the listener through the unsaid aspects of a disagreement with music that matches the emotion of the song.”

      The track delivers a strain of country that might be described as ethereal gothic, with thunderclap percussion and blackheart guitar leavened by McCarthur’s angels-and-whiskey vocals. The sunfaded video, beautifully shot by Jonathan Fluevog, smartly keeps things simple—forget clichés like pushing the washing machine down the stairs and smashing everything including the family urn, what we get is two people connecting in glorious nature.

      And the need to stay connected is indeed what “Over There” is all about. As Focus Your Audio explains: “Sarah’s undeniable vocal and lyrical talent and Bobby’s musicianship all tie harmoniously together. As a quest to figure out how they got into the position they’re in and what they can do about it, the tune will resonate with all listeners who have ever had an argument and wondered why they got there and how they can fix it.”

      Yes, there is hope. Or, you know, a housekeeper with a facemask, the collected works of Malena Morgan, and sweet, sweet mind-numbing liquor. And, thank Vishnu, no travelling. Because no two people were meant to be.........