On Our Radar: Hannah Georgas finds the sweet spot between resignation and resilience in "This Too Shall Pass"

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      Talk about totally lovely, which is kind of weird considering the monumental (and, quite frankly, wonderful) disconnect in Hannah Georgas’ “This Too Shall Pass”.

      The title of the song and video operate as a reminder that, sometimes, you have to step back and give yourself a talking to. To be more specific, that everything is probably going to be okay, even when it seems like it isn’t. Admit it: more than once in your life, and probably some time in the last week and possibly this morning, you’ve sat there staring into the void, wondering when it’s all going to become less complicated. And that’s okay, because you always get through it.

      Georgas obviously understands. And should you doubt that, consider the chorus of “This Too Shall Pass”: “The pain won’t last/Trauma at its best/This too shall pass”. Feel free to make it your mantra the next time things get heavy.

      Speaking of heavy, Georgas isn't immune to the struggle, which explains lines such as,  “Am I the laziest person I know or am I just tormented/I’ve been walking around with so much god damn resentment/Don’t know but some days feel so low and so fucking pathetic”.

      This too shall pass.

      Shot in London, England, the video for “This Too Shall Pass” finds Georgas at times lost and alone in bustling crowds, at others standing solo and contemplative in one of the city’s greatest and busiest cities. The message? Making a connection is sometimes hard. The sky might be blue at the video’s start and end, but the mood is definitely sombre and grey in the most beautiful of ways.

      And speaking of beautiful, here’s where the disconnect comes in. While the mood is anything but blinding sunshine and rainbow-swirl lollipops, “This Too Shall Pass” is introspective indie pop at its most gorgeous. Over crystalline layers of keyboards, slowdive guitars, and ADHD-percussion, Georgas finds a sweet spot between resignation and resilience, in the process proving downbeat can sometimes weirdly be uplifting.

      It’s all going to be okay. And if it currently seems like that’s anything but true, remember—almost always—this too shall pass.