On Our Radar: Hotel Mira’s “Dancing in the Moonlight” offers an invaluable life lesson

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      Not that anyone needs to—the song is that fucking good—but to look for a meaning in Hotel Mira’s “Dancing in the Moonlight” is to zero in on singer Charlie Kerr. And then to accept the life lesson that, in any group, there’s always going to be “that guy.”

      The fellow who always gets the one-liner off when the gears are still churning for everyone else. The dude who doesn’t care if no one’s on the dance floor, because he’s going to get out there solo and start tearing shit up. The guy made to be the frontman in the band because he’s got more swagger than the guitarist, bassist, drummer, soundman, and merch team combined.

      Sweet baby Jesus knows that Kerr doesn’t lack for swagger in “Dancing in the Moonlight”, whether he’s sexily lounging in a claw foot bathtub, crawling around the floor in front of a old-school television in a hotel room the ’70s forgot, or storming a motel lobby that looks like it was set-decorated by David Lynch.

      His bandmates in Hotel Mira—sometimes minding their own business while catching up on their reading, sometimes serenely riding shotgun in a top-down BMW convertible—seem to understand there’s only room for one outsized personality at any given restaurant table, family gathering, or, um, video shoot.

      Which is another way of saying bassist Mike Knoble, guitarist Clark Grieve, and drummer Cole Georgoe totally 100 per cent play things right in “Dancing in the Moonlight”, a sticks-on-first-listen marvel that combines the best of circa-’79 new wave and hook-heavy alt-pop. Sometimes you must watch and learn, grasshopper.