On Our Radar: I M U R explores the addictive quality of young love in new video for “Case of You”

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      As with rembering anything, when recalling the moment you first met a tumultuous ex-partner, weird details might stand out. 

      Maybe it was an especially cold night which made you regret not bringing a sweater; maybe the footwear you chose to dance in left blisters on your feet which would last a week; perhaps you remember that when you were introduced your hands suddenly went clammy. You might remember exactly what time you stumbled back into your apartment, because you knew that nothing would ever be the same past that moment.

      You keep these weird details stored securely in your head to come back to throughout the relationship as a sort of “remember when” game you play in your mind. You continue to add to this keepsake box in your head, storing all the unforgettable details that tell the story of the both of you.

      When the relationship sours as time goes on, you might use these details as arguments for why you should stay together, or you may view them as red flags that you should have noticed earlier. All the memories trace back to that first night of fun.

      In I M U R’s new music video for the smooth and sultry “Case of You” you’re invited to the coolest house party ever—the type of bash you really only ever see on TV. There, a young couple meets, quickly falls in love, and don fashionable pink ski masks to rob a convenience store. You know, as young people do.

      Cover art for "Case of You" single

      The video, based on a past relationship of Jenny Lea, the lead vocalist, shows the addictive quality of new love and how a deep infatuation can become problematic. 

      In a release for “Case of You,” Jenny Lea says: “Throughout the video we keep pushing each other further and further until it reaches a tipping point, where both Maya and I have a close call. Only then do we really understand how much you can get wrapped up in one another. The whole album touches on themes around what it means to lose yourself in a relationship and this is one example.”

      While reminiscing on past failed relationships, there will be some details that will stick with you and other details that become fuzzy. Maybe you remember that they were saving up for a motorcycle, but forget the colour of their eyes. Maybe you remember they hated your friends, but can’t remember the reason why.

      It’s uncertain why our brain holds on to details like this, and why it cherry picks the things to remember.

      One thing that is for certain: you’ll never forget how they made you feel.

      “Case of You” is the first single on I M U R’s upcoming album, My Molecules. The album is set to be released June 25.