On Our Radar: Old Man Canyon’s “What’s Even Real Anymore” asks a question you might have the answer for

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      As unanswerable questions go, it’s a great one: “What’s even real anymore?”

      We’re currently living in a world where AI can write a feature film, orchestral indie-pop song, or War and Peace-length novel in the time it takes your Greenworks Pro Optimow 50H Robotic Lawn Mower to rip its way across the front yard.

      Mind-bendingly, 3-D printers can make everything from a working electric violin to fully functional mouse ovaries. And then there’s Mitch McConnell, who over the past month has started malfunctioning in public in a way that suggests whatever circuit board has kept him running the 81 years is finally starting to show some cracks.

      Old Man Canyon—aka Jett Pace—evidently finds himself occasionally wondering where exactly we’re at on planet Earth these days.

      For the inspiration for the video for “What’s Even Real Anymore”, flash back to the writing of the song. Evidently in the same kind of head space that’s given us Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Carl Jung’s Flying Saucers: A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Sky, Pace found himself enraptured on a daily basis for a couple of weeks.

      “I had a bunch of UFO sightings,” he’s noted in numerous places on the endless mindfuck that is the internet. “There was a two-week period where I quite literally would go outside, in the middle of the day, look up and see these strange metallic/lights hovering in the sky over my house. Sometimes there would be three or more, disappearing, reappearing, staying in one spot for hours, forming triangles, and shooting off super fast. I still have no clue what they are, but there was something magic about those experiences that instilled a sense of curiosity that I hadn’t felt since I was a kid; it opened me up again. Coupled with the confusion of the world, every source of truth was being questioned in some way. I think a lot of people felt the same.”

      Deep-space synths and dreamily detached vocals make “What’s Even Real Anymore” a perfect soundtrack for nights where the stars shine like uncut diamonds in a cosmic sea of black velvet.

      As for the video, ever ask yourself what exactly you’re doing here? And if maybe, just like in Stephen King’s Under the Dome, we’re all just characters in a grander experiment? An experiment that’s possibly going on at your favourite arcade or watering hole, right next to the pinball machines and Galaga console? One where, at any moment, you might be plucked from the planet with a story that no one will believe, except for those who understand that Roswell is easily the most spiritual place on Earth?

      If so, “What’s Even Real Anymore” is for you—and not just because you have a pretty good idea what the answer is to a question that’s not as cryptic as it seems.