On Our Radar: Shutting up is the best way to appreciate "Wise Woman" from Twin Kennedy and Mallory Johnson

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      Sometimes you know enough to shut up and let the person who says it better have the mic.

      In the video for “Wise Woman” by Mallory Johnson and Twin Kennedy, that moment comes at the 2:46 mark. That’s when, backed by the Sunshine Coast-rased Kennedy twins, Johnson sings “Girl power shouldn’t come with a price.”

      The duet, released to coincide with Women’s History Month, came about over wine and a backyard hangout. That backyard was presumably in Nashville, where both Twin Kennedy and the Newfoundland-rased Johnson have relocated to in pursuit of their country-career dreams.

      Providing backing support on “Wise Woman” are some of Music City’s most respected session musicians, their combined resume including appearances on recording by everyone from George Jones and Randy Travis to Luke Combs and Taylor Swift.

      Twin Kennedy—who, as What’s In Your Fridge fans know, tend to speak as one—has had this to say about the creation of “Wise Woman”:

      “We’ve always found that our most personal songs are written with close friends who are also our co-writers. Mallory came over to our house one night, we opened a bottle of wine and sat on the patio with our guitars. Inspired by our shared struggles as women in a male-dominated industry, “Wise Woman” was born! Maybe it was the patio lights or maybe it was the merlot - it was one of those songwriting sessions where the music just flowed out of us.”

      Now shut up and watch.