On Our Radar: SIØBHAN transports us to someplace beautifully cool with the atmospheric "Everything"

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      Given where things are at this June of 2021, we could all use something transporting right about now.

      Start with the reality that, 13 months after the end of the world as we once knew it, the road to normalcy still seems endless. Going somewhere—anywhere—remote and untouched sounds like a great idea, except for the fact that every other locked-down British Columbian is looking for the same thing as the rest of. The dream is that you’ll load into the SUV and find yourself alone with your thoughts at the top of a snow-capped mountain peak or deep-woods forest. The reality is that nothing says “teeming mass of humanity” like a trip to Shannon Falls, Buntzen Lake, or the TransCanada trail in Deep Cove.

      Meanwhile, don’t even get started on the weather. With temperatures hovering around 40 degrees Celsius, last year's decision to buy that 360 square foot Yaletown condo where the postage-stamp sized windows only open six inches suddenly seems endlessly regrettable. Watch The Thing, 30 Days of Night, and A Simple Plan all you want, but that won't change the fact you’re spending this June roasting like a Butterball turkey at Dubai Thanksgiving.

      All of this does a great job of setting up the video for SIØBHAN’s “Everything”, which straddles a line between beautiful and beautifully melancholy.
      Things start with an aerial shot of a snowy winter clearing, that camera eventually settling in on SIØBHAN, who you might know as an actor on shows like Heartland and Hell on Wheels.

      That the first words in “Everything” are “Feelin’ Low” is a pretty good indicator that it’s not going to be party time for the next five minutes. Instead, SIØBHAN clocks in with an chilled-meditation on how, sometimes, everything good seems maddeningly just out of reach. Think ethereal gauze-wrapped vocals, ice-castle synths, and Bristol-in-December beats.

      And, most of all, think about how you’d pretty much give everything—your 4 AD record-club membership, Utilitech oscillating fan, and bathtub full of Kodama ice cubes—to trade places with SIØBHAN in the video for “Everything”. Man to walk in her winter boots as she traverses snow-dusted fields, iced-encased waterfalls, and—in the end—a stunningly pristine mountain peak with the kind of dazzling view that makes you glad you live in Canada.

      Fantastically, the first comment on “Everything” is this: “I love this!!! Thank you for almost freezing to death for our entertainment!”

      With the temperature outside today a scorchingly breezeless 40 degrees Celsius, freezing to death sounds pretty goddamn great right now. As does “Everything”. Enough of sitting there baking like Georgia asphalt at high noon in August. Lose yourself in “Everything”. And pass the hot chocolate.