On Our Radar: Somewhat crazily, Orville Peck calls the sprawling "Daytona Sand" his favourite video to date

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      If you’re going to make a statement, it might as well be so difficult to believe that there’s no way it’s anything but true.

      Orville Peck has just done precisely that with the video for “Daytona Sand”, off his upcoming sophomore album Bronco.

      Rather than put words in his masked mouth, we’ll let him have the stage.

       “We shot the video for ‘Daytona Sand’ over three days in Miami as an homage to all things Florida,” Peck states in the promo material for the clip. “When we wrote the story for the video, we never thought we’d be able to pull off half the stuff we were dreaming up but somehow, we managed it all, including a horseback police chase and me surfing on an 18-wheeler truck through Miami. I don’t know if they’ll ever let us back into Florida again but this is probably my favorite video to date!”

      The important words there to note are the last six, especially when one considers Peck’s body of video work to date. Recall, if you will, the way “Hope to Die” referenced everything from Sid Vicious’s favourite T-Shirt to the Slow Club to our good lord and saviour Satan (rendered in Helmut Newton–brand black-and-white, rather than his usual hue of crimson-and-brimstone red). Or the way “Dead of Night” left you wondering whether it was shot in the badlands of Utah, the actual Chicken Ranch, or your grandparents’ wood-panelled ’70s rumpus room.

      As Peck notes, it’s a whole new deal with “Daytona Sand”—for that one might assume that his new label, Sony, has a little more liquid cash on hand. Or that, because he’s still also signed to much-loved Seattle indie Sub Pop, that he and his creative team did a lot with a little D.I.Y.-guerilla-style.

      Whatever the answer, there’s no shortage of things to love in “Daytona Sand”, including a Grand Theft Auto-style car jackings, retro-riffic surfing footage, cheap-motel-room hookups, and a horse-chase ripped straight from the vaults of McCloud.

      Sound like a statement? As sure as Hank Williams III is one of the most polarizing dudes to ever wear a cowboy hat, you’re goddamn right.