On Our Radar: Stephen Hamm gives us something to believe in with a golden "Listen to the Sound of the Sun"

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      At the risk of dooming oneself to an eternity of cooking classes with Jeffrey Dahmer, who in the hell first floated the idea of God?

      If She really existed, why have we ended up with people like Adolf Hitler, Jeffrey Epstein, and that guy who wouldn’t shut the fuck up behind you at Silver City for all three hours of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey?

      What kind of God would have invented liver, beets, and Ted Nugent? And why hasn’t She greenlighted your Lotto Max win at a time when COVID-19 has you wondering where your next box of I ♥ Mac N Cheese is going to come from?

      Still, some of us cling to the illusion that someone, somewhere, is up there watching every move of every living being on the planet.

      Crying every time Georgia Marjorie Taylor Greene opens her mouth or your dad sneaks off to the bathroom with a copy of Shavetail

      And laughing every time a Dungeness crab ends up plunged into a pot of boiling water. (While you might be eating the West Coast’s tastiest crustacean, She understands that the West Coast’s tastiest crustacean would be eating you if it got the chance, so everything kind of comes out in the wash.)

      Given the past 12 months, let’s be honest—we could all use something to believe in right now, especially where a higher power is concerned. On that front, one has to love the visual cues in the video for Stephen Hamm’s “Listen to the Sound of the Sun”.

      Is it an accident that the clip starts out looking like the cover of a major-metropolis '80s bible pamphlet—all golden rays of light and heaven’s gate clouds? Or that the 3 minute and 44 sonic journey kicks off with the lyrics “The world spins, the spirits call/From the heavens, to one and all”—after which Hamm and his Theremin gives you a good idea what the Fifth Dimension might have sounded doing shrooms with Joy Division, Dorit Chrysler, and the Detroit Cobras?

      Such questions are up to you, and possibly Her, to decide. 

      As you sit and think about the unanswerable, listen and be wowed. And thank God that, during this particularly difficult period in human history, Hamm and ace Vancouver video director R.D. Cane have stepped out of the shadows, embraced the sun, and given you something to believe in.

      Now if they could only do something about the Nuge continuing to use up valuable oxygen.