On Our Radar: Sunday Morning's "Beautiful Lie" hammers home the message that love is hopelessly complicated

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      Depending on the day, love can be either the most fantastic gift in the universe or the kind of misery that makes getting out of bed in the morning mission impossible.

      And sometimes it’s both.

      Bruce Wilson knows all about the line that separates the dark from the light. He’s walked it for a good half-decade with his ambitiously dramatic project Sunday Morning, which released its second album, Consequence of Love, early this year.

      You’ll notice we used the term project rather than band, and that’s because Sunday Morning isn’t easily placed in a single box. For Wilson—a veteran of Vancouver’s indie scene whose resume includes the notorious Tankhog—Sunday Morning is a platform for exploring not only music, but also art, storytelling, and whatever else moves him.

      In the video for “Beautiful Lie”, we can add actor to Wilson’s list of accomplishments, which explains the clip’s nearly 10-minute running time.

      The action starts with the singer and Vancouver actor Mieke Verhelst locked deep in conversation in an apartment that proves there’s nothing cooler than exposed brick and sun-flooded windows.

      The wine starts flowing, the tension builds, and then... Well, to reveal any more is to be the kind of person who spoils the end of Fatal Attraction, Psycho, and the Usual Suspects.

      Let’s just say the message would seem to be that, even when everything appears new, shiny, and beautiful, love is complicated. If you’ve followed Sunday Morning's rise to becoming one of the most consistently rewarding bands in Vancouver, you already knew that.

      Watch. And then dare to dream.