On Our Radar: Time becomes something to think about in Chalcedony's winningly vulnerable "Permanent Marker"

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       “If only tears could fuel a fucking time machine.”

      Stop and think about that line for a second. Imagine everything you could not only have done differently, but all the life mistakes you’d be able to undo. Relationships. Hairdos. Career choices. That time you sunk $3,000 into MySpace shares when everyone was telling you Facebook was the more sensible option.

      And that time spending $122,000 on a reno-worthy East Van character home seemed like insanity. So even though you had the down payment, you continued to rent in a three-storey walk-up on Beach Avenue because it was two blocks from English Bay, and stumbling distance from the Marine Club.

      “If only tears could fuel a fucking time machine” indeed.

      That line comes from “Permanent Marker” by Chalcedony, whose debut EP— Do You Really Wanna Know What the Fuck Goes On Inside My Head—arrives this spring. Chances are you know singer-guitarist Chalcedony and bassist Gillian Callander from their previous tours of duty in the Vancouver indie underground, including stints with Junior Major and Joyce Collingwood.

      That the two know their postpunk history is reflected in “Permanent Marker”. Chalcedony balances a dark yet winning vulnerability with an attitude as effortlessly badass as Courtney Love and Kelley Deal in the Lollapalooza years. On the back end, Callander anchors things with a bass line that nails the sweet spot between the collected works of Carlos Dengler and Vancouver's late and entirely great the Organ.

      Visually, the Chris Rekrutiak–directed “Permanent Marker” throws back to the past on a number of fronts: clawfoot bathtubs, five-panel Craftsman doors, pedestal sinks, Nuggets-era dresses and zebra-skin shirts, and an opening scene that may or may not be a nod to the late great Laura Palmer—at least where the makeup is concerned.

      And speaking of Laura Palmer, man, if only tears could fuel a fucking time machine, because that would mean getting the chance to go back to when Twin Peaks was the newest and hottest thing on television. 

      And to make up for the fact you could have seen Hole at the Town Pump just days after the release of Live Through This, but instead went to Bootsauce at 86 Street. 

      And getting the opportunity to say goodbye to people you missed saying goodbye to when it mattered.

      Think about it. But, unless you want the tears to really start flowing, don’t think about it too hard. 

      You can check out more of Chalcedony here.