On Our Radar: Vancouver trash-rock vet Pete Mills goes none-more-black in the Sweet Kill's "Darkness"

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      Fans of overamped and entirely unapologetic trash rock will know Pete Mills best for Vancouver’s defunct Flash Bastard, a band famous for cranking the amps until they smoked, and giving zero fucks on-stage. (Best among the urban legends surrounding the band is the one where it was kicked off a tour headlined by Mötley Crüe for chasing Scorpions singer Klaus Meine around with a pitchfork backstage.)

      Given the often-shirtless guitarist’s well-deserved reputation as a man who lives to fuck shit up, it’s perhaps no surprise that he’s not playing things safe with the video for “Darkness” from his new project the Sweet Kill.

      Sonically, Mills seems like a man who understands that, while you can always go home again, why the hell would you? So instead of sounding like Zeke on an amphetamine bender with Turbonegro and the Hellacopters, the now Los Angeles-based musician unleashes his dark side.

      The Sweet Kill take dead aim at those who buy their nail polish, lipstick, clothes, and hair dye in one colour: none more black. And for whom the perfect mix tape is titled Two Shades Blacker Than None More Black, and starts with the best of Cold Cave, Joy Division, Actors, and Sisters of Mercy.

      On the visual side of things, get ready to be thrilled if you’re one of those who, like Jake Scully during the porno sequence in Body Double, likes to watch.

      Got a thing for Michelle Pfeiffer as Cat Woman in Batman Returns, not to mention the Gimp and the fetish-wear category on xVideos? “Darkness” is something of a fetish-wear-fetishists’ delight, PVC-clad humanoids slinking around in the near-dark, spitting up milky-white fluid, and generally looking like your worst nightmare. Especially if your worst nightmare has you being swarmed in a Louis XIV-style chair in a white straightjacket in a room where PVC seems to be the fashion-trend of the day. 

      And the greatness doesn’t stop there.

      In “Darkness” you also get a cobalt-blue-eyed jaguar straight from the set of Cat People, a charismatic-as-always Mills giving ’er like a post-junkie Iggy Pop, and modern dance sequences that remind you why you never miss a new work by Kidd Pivot.

      Summer’s almost over, which means the endless days of darkness will soon be here. Let the Sweet Kill be your guide. And get off xVideos.