Instant Playlist—July 29, 2015

In this Very Special Episode of our playlist, we profile performers at this year's Squamish Valley Music Festival. Suck on that, Kanye!

Instant Playlist - May 21 2014

We totally ignored Morrissey's new single in favour of Miley-fucking-Cyrus in this week's highly subjective playlist.

Instant Playlist - May 7 2014

Love slow-building postrock, but entirely done with those humourless twats from Godspeed You! Black Emperor? Has this week's highly subjective playlist ever got a song for you.


All this love and no one to give it to

Other than dating in Jan/Feb and then a very little bit in the summer, I’ve been single this...


Met you at the warehouse

The last day of your 2 week stint at the warehouse, you stayed 15 minutes after your shift while...

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