Instant Playlist - September 13 2012

Sometimes the best way to introduce new music is to go the recommended-if-you-like route. So we recommend this week's playlist if you like eating paste and sticking your fingers up your nose.

Instant Playlist - July 5 2012

This week's highly subjective playlist will definitely remind you of that time you got puked on at the Cobalt. Ahh, memories.

Instant Playlist - December 15 2011

Zooey Deschanel and that guy with the bad facial hair show up on this week's highly subjective playlist. What more do you need from Santa this year?

Instant Playlist - December 8 2011

In this week's playlist, we've got local reggae more authentic than anything coming out of Kingston these days. Makes sense; our ganja's better these days too.

Instant Playlist - November 17 2011

In this week's highly subjective playlist, you will find the words "Dashboard Confessional", "R.E.M.", and "country" in the same sentence. We're not entirely sure how that happened, either.


Fingers crossed

We are expecting a baby in 7,5 months. My secret wish is that he/she inherits the best of both of...



The biker that forgot his ticket. Not sure what, but it was definitely somethings special...