Instant Playlist - November 29 2012

Just how awesome would a strain of pot called Pink Panther Incapacitator be? That's just one of the many musings you'll find in this week's playlist.

Instant Playlist - September 13 2012

Sometimes the best way to introduce new music is to go the recommended-if-you-like route. So we recommend this week's playlist if you like eating paste and sticking your fingers up your nose.

Instant Playlist - July 5 2012

This week's highly subjective playlist will definitely remind you of that time you got puked on at the Cobalt. Ahh, memories.


It Leaks

I'm not actually crying. I actually don't have an open, lower punctum in my left eye....


Overground from Hackney to Clapham Junction

I doubt you will ever gonna read this but… if you are thee guy who stared at me the whole journey...

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