Pop Eye

Female rock voices are vital

For an underprivileged, overanxious teenager growing up in the car-theft capital of North America—aka Surrey—music was the sweetest escape.

Ariana Grande keeps it respectable

Screw the four-octave voice—the truly remarkable thing about Ariana Grande is the way she’s been so relentlessly smart about her branding.

Drew Burns was a good one

By all accounts, Drew Burns never got misty-eyed or nostalgic about the Commodore Ballroom from the time he stopped running it in 1996 to


I hate my partner

My partner is a narssastic bully. We never talk about anything but how fantastic he is. I'...


I remember your name but I won't post...

We met in line for drinks. You and your ex were hanging out with me and my roommate during the...