Album of the week: Deluxe Hotel

“I pressed the button, so I get the credit,” sings Larry Lechner on “Never Would Have Guessed”, the track that opens We Found a Lovebird’s latest long-player.

Album of the Week: Going Late

What Humans does, it continues to do magnificently, with Going Late the kind of record you reach for at 3 a.m. when you’ve finally burned out on the xx.

Album of the week: A Grand Facade

Old Man Canyon kicks off with “Good While It Lasted”, where fifth-dimension vocals, flanged guitars, and watery waves of synths give you an idea what your dad’s C-90 cassettes sounded like being eaten by a Teac A-510 tape deck.


Why So Jealous

A friend and I were both in Toronto and went out on the town around 10 years ago. Nothing...


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