Album of the week: A Grand Facade

Old Man Canyon kicks off with “Good While It Lasted”, where fifth-dimension vocals, flanged guitars, and watery waves of synths give you an idea what your dad’s C-90 cassettes sounded like being eaten by a Teac A-510 tape deck.

Album of the Week: Nicholas Krgovich

If your response to having your heart ripped out of your chest is to reach for Year of the Cat rather than, say, Sea Change, “OUCH” might be just the balm you need.

Album of the Week: Davers

Known up until now as one of the two singer-songwriters in Victoria’s chilled-out Current Swell, Dave Lang steps away from the veteran unit with his first solo release.


Breathe in and out

I went off weed edibles for a month so that I could clear my head. Now, I’m back on just to see...


You're always arriving, I'm...

You wear glasses and sometimes a toque, and i think you wear either a green or yellow jacket...

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