Rollin’ Trainwreck gears up for debut album with new single “Already Gone”

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       The Vancouver bluegrass-country-rock trio of Jesse Burch, Philip Puxley, and Phil Bell like to say that they don’t get their name——for nothin’! With last year’s release of the upbeat, banjo-infused “Gettin’ Loaded”, it’s clear that this band relishes a good time.

      But what’s getting noticed in the country-music world is how quickly the Rollin’ Trainwreck is gathering speed and roarin’ down the tracks since its debut last year at the Cloverdale Rodeo in Surrey.

       The boys won the B.C. Country Music Association Spotlight Performance Contest and came second in Canada. And they’ve played some marquee events, including the Sunfest Country Music Festival on Vancouver Island and Burning Man in Nevada.

       “I’ve been in a lot of projects that have done well or were on their way to doing well,” singer-guitarist-songwriter Jesse Burch says. “But I’ve never been in one that’s moved so quickly and had so much resonance with people.”

      Part of the appeal is the Rollin’ Trainwreck’s party-hearty stage presence. It’s matched by polished arrangements that include a whiff of southern rock to go along with the zesty roots, bluegrass, and country mix.

       “We pride ourselves on our musicianship,” Burch says. “We play our instruments in an organic way.”

       The Rollin’ Trainwreck has completed its as yet-unnamed debut album, which will come out this fall.

       In the meantime, the first single, “Already Gone”, will be released on Sunday (September 24) at a (932 Granville Street).

       So could the Rollin’ Trainwreck be B.C.’s answer to Chris Stapleton, who once fronted a bluegrass band before busting out big time in 2015 with his debut solo album, Traveller?

       “He’s got that rootsy feel and people are loving it,” Burch says. “It’s staying true to your music, being genuine, and if it has its time to shine, then it gets exposed.”

       As for the band’s name, Burch says he has a female friend who likes to party, especially after she’s had a few drinks. So one night he lightheartedly called her a “train wreck”, before quickly correcting himself.

       “You’re not a train wreck,” Burch says he told her. “You keep moving and you keep rolling and you just keep on partying. You’re a rollin’ train wreck.”

       Then he had an epiphany, realizing that this would be a great name for a band. And, yes, this term could also be applied to the three musicians whose frenetic stage presence suggests that they’re not likely to be felled by a couple of paralyzers.

       “If you met us, you would understand we are a little bit of a rollin’ train wreck,” Burch acknowledges with a laugh.

       But unlike other wrecks, this one isn’t on its way to being derailed anytime soon. Party on!

       MyTone Records will host a party to celebrate the release of “” on Sunday (September 24) at the Roxy (932 Granville Street). Tickets are $7 and doors open at 8 p.m.

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