Shine Nightclub gets new management

It looks like there are changes on the horizon for Shine Nightclub. When the club’s co-owner, Tim Knight, decided to bow out earlier this year, his business partner Carlo Giusto approached Blueprint Events and the Adelphia Group, owners of the Caprice, Celebrities, and Venue, among other nightspots. “They were actually looking for a spot in Gastown,” Giusto told the Straight. “We’ve all worked together over the last 15 years, and we just felt like it was a perfect match.”

Although nothing’s set in stone at this point, Giusto predicts a “full overhaul” in the future. “We’re basically gonna run it as Shine Nightclub until next year,” he continued, “and then we’re talking about starting fresh. We don’t have any dates planned yet, but it’s definitely under new management, and we’re definitely gonna have the place open five days a week, compared to the two it’s open right now.”