SonReal releases comical crotch-on-fire, pee-sipping, shroom-eating video for new single "Bank On Me"

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      Some rappers take themselves way too seriously.

      Not SonReal.

      The Vernon-born musician, who started his career in Vancouver in 2007, has just released a video for the title track of his upcoming album, Bank On Me

      The clip starts off with a healthy-looking SonReal at home chowing down on some Cheerios amid ominous signs of an impending apocalypse. Next thing you know--or "9,832 days later"--he's long-haired and dirty and out in the woods trying to survive. His attempts to get by on his own lead to some wacky outdoors incidents.

      “I’ve been through so many ups and downs since I started making music," says SonReal in a press release, "but one thing I’ve always done is bank on myself. This song is made to empower people and lift them up. It’s such a crazy time in the world right now and I wanted to make a song for you to feel good to. Bank On Me.”

      SonReal has had great success with tongue-in-cheek videos in the past. His Napoleon Dynamite-inspired clip for 2013's "Everywhere We Go" is heading toward 35 million plays on YouTube.

      A year before he started racking up video views and getting popular in the world of rap, SonReal was already on the Georgia Straight's radar. In a 2012 Local Motion column, Canadian hip-hop journalist Martin Turenne summed up the artist's potential.

      "No B.C.–spawned hip-hop artist has excelled in as many aspects of the form as SonReal," wrote Turenne. "He’s a skilled recording engineer, a good singer, a great songwriter, and a likable rapper whose tales of middle-class existence connect directly with the vast youth demographic that broadcasters and marketers covet. Most importantly of all, he’s fiercely ambitious, a guy who gives off the very palpable sense that stardom is the only thing on his mind."

      For more on SonReal visit his website here.