So…you want to be a DJ?

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      If you’ve ever wanted to find yourself behind the turntables, listen up. 

      Pacific Sound Entertainment has launched a beginner’s DJ class starting up this September, in which aspiring disk jockeys can learn the ropes when it comes to beat matching, playlist curation, track blending, seamless transitioning, and more.

      Notable alumnus is Dan Bartake AKA Flatland Funk, who got his start in the class and is now DJing at gigs like Chasing Summer.

      The course runs for five total hours, and participants who complete it will gain access to Pacific Sound Entertainment’s recording studio. Equipment is provided, and a part of the DJ education includes how to choose from the wide variety of gear that can be used.

      As well as explaining the more technical, music-focused side of the artform, the course also walks participants through how to make it in the industry, and offers a marketing boost through Pacific Sound Entertainment’s own social media. 

      Classes are held at New West’s Bully’s Recording Rehearsal Studio.