Stephen King makes a total ass of himself, declares the Rolling Stones better than the Beatles

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      I used to be a huge Stephen King fan, but now I'm not so sure.

      A few minutes ago I was checking out my Twitter feed, looking for story ideas, when I saw his response to a tweet from his son, fellow author Joe Hill.

      A couple of hours earlier Hill had tweeted: "I had a jarring thought this morning that shook my whole world view. What if the Stones ARE better than the Beatles?"

      That led his dad, the undisputed King of Horror, to tweet: "They really are. More output. Crunchier licks. Keith and Mick."

      Come on, Steve-O. You are an incredible writer, and your novels like The Dead Zone and The Stand are masterworks...but don't quit your day job.

      Everybody knows the Beatles are better than the Stones. 

      Saying otherwise is insanity. It's like saying Richard Matheson is a better horror writer than Stephen King!

      Uh... mmm ...wait a second...

      What if the Stones ARE better than the Beatles?