Still the CHAMPION, an ever-busy Bif Naked returns to action with "Broke Into Your Car"

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      More than ever, keeping busy is important these days. To spend time alone with one’s thoughts during these socially isolated pandemic times is to end up going down mental rabbit holes best not visited.

      Canadian alt queen Bif Naked has evidently had zero problem filling her days. In no particular order, she’s occupied herself over the past year with launching an all-hemp organic CBD line called MonaLisa Healing, working on a podcast series called New Riot Girls, and working on a book which hopes to guide folks through the scariness that comes with a cancer diagnosis.

      Naked has also been busy at what’s made her a Canadian icon: writing songs. So busy, in fact, that she’s come up with an album’s worth of them.

      Later this year the singer will release her 11th full-length titled CHAMPION. In announcing the album, Naked described herself as a "O.G." who is still out there fighting rather than resting on her laurels.

      She added “I’ve never allowed myself to be limited, and the direction of this new album was from experimenting and being fearless. I’m excited by it, and fiercely proud of these tracks.”

      Here’s the first single, titled “Broke Into Your Car.” And should you live in Vancouver, where someone breaks into your car on average once a month, rest assured that Naked isn’t the person you’re after.

      “This is a love song, even though it makes reference to a felony or mischief,” she clarified. “But yes, it really is a nod to the lengths a smitten person — in this case, moi — would go to to gain the attention and affection of their crush. I love the imagery of sitting in the back of one’s love interest’s car, perhaps leaving Polaroid pictures (among other things) behind…The height of romance.”