Strangelove recreates the enduring magic of Depeche Mode at the Rickshaw

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      Think of it as a primer—a chance to do a test run for the big event later this fall. That’s another way of saying that, even if you think you’ve never heard of Strangelove, chances are you’ll be able to sing along to every song the band plays at the Rickshaw this Friday (July 14). And we’re not just talking “Just Can’t Enough”, “Personal Jesus”, and “People Are People”, but—if you beg long enough—possibly “Dirty Sticky Floors” and “Memphisto”.

      Hailing from Sacramento, Strangelove: The Depeche Mode Experience offers exactly what its name suggests: a lovingly detailed, career-spanning overview of the music that’s made icons out of Dave Gahan and Martin Gore.

      Visually you get period-specific stage set pieces and costume changes. Sonically it’s all about faithful recreations of songs spanning from Speak and Spell to 2017’s Spirit. Think part live concert, part story of one of synth-pop’s most enduring and beloved bands. And think of it as the chance to connect with your fellow Devotees as you look ahead to Depeche Mode landing at Rogers Arena this November.

      Sooo...wardrobe that might be described as six shades of midnight, despite summer being upon us? Check.

      Freshly dyed black hair and shoes pointy enough to impress John Fluevog? Bingo.

      Custom-made Composition of Sound T-shirt? You are indeed a true Devotee.

      Making for a logical tie-in, also on the bill is Electric Duke, featuring frontman Julian Shah-Tayler along with musicians who worked with the man sometimes known as Ziggy Stardust. For those zoning on the trivia-time connection, Gahan joined the future Depeche Mode decades ago after hearing an early incarnation of the band perform David Bowie’s “’Heroes”. If you know, you know.

      Strangelove: The Depeche Mode Experience

      When: Friday (July 14)

      Where: The Rickshaw

      Tickets: $26.50 plus service charges

      Instagram: @strangelovetribute