Sure, the Guess Who deserves to be in the Rock Hall, but what about BTO and Mahogany Rush?

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      Yesterday a group based in Winnipeg called Guess Who 4 the Hall launched a campaign to get the legendary Canadian rock band into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 

      The organization has set up a petition at that as of noon today had garnered over 6600 signatures.

      "With whole-hearted enthusiasm and strongest of recommendation," reads the petition directed to RRHOF CEO Greg Reid, "we the undersigned online petitioners, implore the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to nominate the Guess Who into the Hall to be considered for induction in 2021--over 50 years after making such a monumental mark in music history. 

      "Music that defines a genre is rare, and the bands that define a specific era in history, even more so. For nearly a decade in the late 60’s and early 70’s, across most of North America, that band was The Guess Who."

      The petition goes on to explain how great the Guess Who was, and by listing off its impressive array of hit singles--"American Woman", "These Eyes", "Laughing", "No Time", "Share the Land", "No Sugar Tonight", "Hand Me Down World", and "Undun"--makes a pretty good case for induction.

      But I can't help thinking that the band Guess Who guitarist Randy Bachman formed after splitting from Burton Cummings and co., Bachman-Turner Overdrive, is just as deserving. I mean, I'll pit "Gimme Your Money Please", "Hold Back the Water", "Blue Collar", "Let It Ride", "Takin' Care of Business", "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet", "Roll On Down the Highway", and the rifftastic "Second Hand" against those Guess Who hits anyday.

      And while we're at it, how about some love in the Rock Hall for that oft-overlooked Canuck-rock institution Mahogany Rush?

      Shove over Whitney Houston, make room for Frank Marino!