Terminal Station throws online release party for Brotherhood on October 30

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      You may have seen the interview I did with Terminal Station singer-guitarist Scott Smith a few weeks back.

      I was pretty impressed by the local blues-rock quartet's new album, Brotherhood--and not just because it's got a song called "One More Bottle" that's straight out of the Allman Brothers' dual-lead playbook.

      Turns out that on Friday (October 30) the band is throwing a Facebook Live album-release party to celebrate how great Brotherhood is.

      Just in case my recommendation ain't enough, check out this video of the band performing in front of my fave record store, Neptoon, back in 2011.

      Keep in mind that since that clip was shot the band has filled out its sound with the addition of ace pianist and organ player Darryl Havers, who joins Smith, bassist Jeremy Holmes, and drummer Liam MacDonald.

      And if you think Smitty was smokin' on guitar back then, just remember that he's nine years better now!