Tired of sitting around the house, Jack White sets table for upcoming Supply Chain Issue Tour with "Taking Me Back"

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      Giving us something in common with the rest of us, Jack White is making it crystal clear he’s had quite enough of sitting around the house. Or, if you prefer, sprawling Nashville estate.

      The former White Stripes frontman turned solo artist (when he’s not busy with Dead Weather and the Raconteurs) has released a live-performance video for last October’s single “Taking Me Back”. What you get in the self-directed clip is four guys plugging and old-school rocking out.

      Consider “Taking Me Back” part of White setting the table for not only two new albums in 2022, but also a return to normalcy with an ambitious touring schedule.

      The Supply Chain Issue Tour will see White travel the globe with shows not only in North America but overseas in the U.K., Spain, Germany, Switzerland, and France. Vancouverites will get the chance to see White at the Pacific Coliseum on June 7. The tour kicks off in the singer’s former hometown of Detroit on April 8.

      As for new material, White’s never been one for leisure time. As he once told the Straight , “I get bored with the idea of being complacent. I feel a responsibility—not really a guilt, but responsibility—to the word artist. That’s a heavy, heavy word to say out loud, to even think of yourself as an artist. A lot of people throw that word around. If someone who’s 80 years old comes up in an airport and says, ‘What do you do for a living?’, if I have the gall to say ‘artist’, instead of musician or producer or whatever, I’m really going to be responsible to that word—it’s not an excuse to not work.”

      Not done there, he continued with, “So I push myself. I gave myself over to it a long time ago—gave myself over to not having a normal life or a normal experience, to not coming home and sitting on the couch and watching TV at night. I don’t get to have that. That was the sacrifice. But the good things that have come from that, the experiences and the things that have been created that didn’t exist before, I owe a lot of respect to.”

      In light of that, it’s no surprise White hasn’t spent the past two years sitting around the house watching The White Lotus, Squid Game, and Fargo reruns during the pandemic. Two full-lengths are scheduled for release later this year, with Fear Of The Dawn arriving on April 8, and Entering Heaven Alive scheduled for July 22. White has described the records as entirely different, with each defined by different inspirations, themes, and moods.

      Here’s the video for “Taking Me Back”.