To the possible relief of Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian is legally freed from her union with Kanye West

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      Pete Davidson can stop looking over his shoulder today as Kim Kardashian is now officially a single woman.
      Eight years—and a whole lot of truly crazy shit—after marrying Kanye West, Kardashian was freed from the union today by a Los Angeles judge.

      Appearing via videoconference, and speaking under oath, the former Mrs. Yeezy was asked to answer a series of legal questions, the biggest one being “Is it your desire to become a single person?”

      The answer to that was “yes”, with Kardashian citing “irreconcilable differences”.

      That led to a motion by the judge where she can now change her name back to Kardashian from Kardashian-West. And do whatever the hell she wants with Pete Davidson without feeling like she’s going to adulterer’s hell in a flaming handbasket. Or somehow cheating, even if it’s only under the eyes of the law, on West. Who evidently is of the opinion that the last place his ex-wife belongs is in the bed of the admittedly delicious-looking Pete Davidson.

      You might recall West rapping about the SNL pretty boy in his new track “Eazy”, where he fires off the lines “God saved me from that crash, just so I could beat Pete Davidson’s ass.” Meanwhile, not that he’s obsessed or anything, but in a video for “Eazy”, West kidnaps Davidson, buries him in the ground with his head exposed, and then plants roses around him, with some of them sprouting from his head. Which is at least less aggo than planting corpse flowers around him.

      Back to reality—or whatever passes for reality in the world of Kanye West—the man now known as simply Ye didn’t participate in the videoconference. Details regarding who gets custody of their kids and the keys to their various properties will be worked out in the future, with the next hearing scheduled for August 5.

      Until then, while Kardashian will still be unable to scrub from her memory that time West made a total fucking fool of himself at Donald Trump’s White House, she at least won’t have to listen Donda 2 against her will. Which is reason enough to thank the good lord above that the American justice system works—at least for the rich and famous.