Tom Lavin & the Legendary Powder Blues play a benefit for Vancouver Co-op Radio at the Rio on May 15

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      Anybody wondering whether Powder Blues are still doin' it right on the wrong side of town?

      "Doin' It Right" was the title of the hit single the Vancouver band had off its 1979 debut album, Uncut, which I'm pretty sure I had on vinyl back in the day. (It went double platinum in Canada, which means it sold over 200,000 copies.)

      The original lineup featured the cream of the crop of local blues players, including guitarist-vocalist Tom Lavin, keyboardist Willie MacCalder, bassist Jack Lavin, drummer Duris Maxwell, trumpeter Gabriel Mark Hasselbach, and saxophonists Wayne Kozak, Dave Woodward, and Gord Bertram.

      Lavin still leads a version of the band--now known as Tom Lavin and the Legendary Powder Blues--and they'll be playing at the Rio Theatre on May 15, with guests Harris&DeBray (singer Leslie Harris and guitarist Curtis Debray).

      Tickets are priced at $40 advance, with all proceeds to Vancouver Co-op Radio, and you can find them here.